Pneu Enliten Tech irá estrear com o ID..3

  • Volkswagen ID.3 irá estrear o mais novo pneu da Bridgstone
  • Pneu foi desenvolvido de acordo com os requisitos estipulados pela marca alemã
  • Tecnologia promete resistência ao rolamento 30% mais baixa que o pneu equivalente 

Um dos modelos mais aguardados do ano, o carro elétrico Volkswagen ID.3 irá estrear os novos pneus Bridgestone Turanza Eco que são equipados com a tecnologia Enliten que prometem melhorar a eficiência e o desempenho.

Segundo o fabricante japonês, a chamada Enliten Technology é ecologicamente correta, pois oferece "resistência ao rolamento super baixa" (até 30% mais baixa em comparação com o pneu Bridgestone regular com a mesma medida 92Y 225/40R18 XL) como peso inferior a 20% ou 2 kg.

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"A sinergia entre os materiais exclusivos usados ​​para criar a tecnologia ENLITEN e um novo processo de mistura aprimorou a tecnologia de desempenho do composto do pneu, sem comprometer a aderência. Isso, combinado com um sulco e um design padrão 3D que maximiza o desempenho de utilização e desgaste, significa que a tecnologia ENLITEN melhora o dirigibilidade do veículo para ajudar a aumentar o prazer de dirigir e, no caso do ID.3, atender a todas as metas de desempenho da Volkswagen".

Essa é a tecnologia que a Volkswagen procurava ao desenvolver seu ID.3 totalmente elétrico. Os requisitos foram:

  • um alto nível de desempenho tanto no molhado quanto no seco
  • boa frenagem
  • vida útil do pneu mais longa
  • super baixa resistência ao rolamento (devido ao enorme impacto na autonomia)

A Bridgestone, por sua vez, disse que "atendeu a todos esses requisitos com um pneu Turanza desenvolvido com tecnologia ENLITEN".

Além disso, as versões maiores de 19" e 20" polegadas também terão a tecnologia B-Seal da Bridgestone, que permite continuar rodando temporariamente em caso de furo na superfície de contato.

Galeria: Volkswagen ID.3 - versões e cores

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Bridgestone brings its groundbreaking ENLITEN Technology to the roads for the first time on key partner Volkswagen's all-electric ID.3

09 07 2020

  • The environmentally friendly ENLITEN Technology enables a super low rolling resistance to help conserve the ID.3’s battery power.
  • Battery power is also conserved by the fact that tyres with ENLITEN Technology are lighter, requiring up to 2kg less raw materials to be created.
  • Engineered to maximise wet and wear performance, ENLITEN Technology also improves the ID.3’s handling to help increase driving pleasure.

Bridgestone has collaborated with its long-term partner Volkswagen to bring its groundbreaking lightweight tyre technology to the car manufacturer’s new all-electric ID.3 vehicle. The environmentally friendly ENLITEN Technology, which enables tyres to have a super low rolling resistance while requiring less materials to be created, is being applied by Bridgestone for the first time on Turanza Eco tyres specially engineered for the ID.3.

An eco-friendly vehicle with eco-friendly tyre technology
Created to bring the benefits of e-mobility to more everyday drivers, the long-awaited ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first all-electric vehicle launched to the market. During the ID.3’s development, Volkswagen sought a tyre fitment that offered a high level of performance in both the wet and dry, good braking, long tyre life, and, most importantly, super low rolling resistance. That’s because rolling resistance can have a huge impact on fuel use and, in this case, the ID.3’s battery power operating range.
Bridgestone responded to all these requirements with a custom developed Turanza tyre with ENLITEN Technology. Bridgestone’s new innovative lightweight tyre technology sets a new lowered standard in material use and rolling resistance to deliver significant environmental benefits - perfect for a vehicle created with sustainability front of mind. 

ENLITEN Technology tyres demonstrate a rolling resistance that is up to 30 per cent lower than a standard premium summer tyre. (1) This contributes, in a combustion engine vehicle, to a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and significantly extends battery life in an electric vehicle – ensuring that ID.3 drivers can enjoy the vehicle’s maximum range. In addition, tyres with ENLITEN Technology enable further fuel/battery conservation by being reduced in weight by up to 20 percent from equivalent standard premium summer tyres. (1) This equates to up to 2kg fewer raw material resources required to produce every tyre, another environmental benefit from both a resources and final end-of-life stage management standpoint.
On top of that are ENLITEN Technology’s performance benefits. The synergy between the unique materials used to create ENLITEN Technology and a new mixing process has enhanced the technology’s compound wear performance, without compromising on grip. This, combined with a cavity and full 3D pattern design that maximises wet and wear performance, means that ENLITEN Technology improves the vehicle’s handling to help increase driving pleasure and, in the case of the ID.3, meet all of Volkswagen’s performance targets.
A project benefitting from a long history of collaboration
The great history of success between long-time partners Bridgestone and Volkswagen – which includes breaking the electric-powered vehicle lap record on the Nürburgring’s track last year – paid dividends as the tyres were quickly developed to address all of Volkswagen’s requirements.
The early stages of development saw Bridgestone apply its groundbreaking ‘Virtual Tyre Development’ technology to digitally identify the ID.3’s optimum tyre dimensions. As well as quickening the tyre development phase, Virtual Tyre Development also brings significant environmental benefits by ensuring that the tyres don’t need to be physically produced and driven during development and testing.
The Turanza Eco tyres with ENLITEN Technology are available on Volkswagen’s ID.3 in 18, 19, and 20-inch variants. The 19 and 20-inch tyres are equipped with Bridgestone’s B-Seal technology, which ensures temporary air retention in case of a puncture in the tread area, allowing the vehicle to keep going.
Commenting was Karsten Schebsdat, Head of Chassis Development, Volkswagen: “The ID.3 is our biggest launch since the Golf. We knew that the tyres had to be perfect if drivers were going to realise all of the vehicle’s performance and environmental benefits. So we selected Bridgestone and its ENLITEN Technology for the ID.3. The significant reduction of rolling resistance allowed by ENLITEN Technology has a huge impact on the ID.3’s battery conservation, which is very important, especially with there being many questions around electric vehicle range today. ENLITEN Technology can go a long way in helping to change perceptions on the viability of e-mobility. It’s a ground-breaking technology for sure.”
Mark Tejedor, VP Original Equipment at Bridgestone EMIA, also commented: “The recent projects in the all-electric ID family have proved what e-mobility is capable of; in the ID.3 we truly have an electric vehicle that’s designed for everyone. We are very proud at Bridgestone to have helped bring the performance and environmental benefits of ENLITEN Technology to the roads for the first time on Volkswagen’s new all-electric ID.3 vehicle. As a business, we’re committed to providing customisable solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers, who are our key partners in contributing to the future of mobility, and working with them to create new value for society. The work that we’re doing alongside Volkswagen in this space is exactly that.”

1 Based on Bridgestone internal data comparing Bridgestone premium summer tyres with and without ENLITEN Technology in the same tyre size (92Y 225/40R18 XL).