Cadillac revealed a concept vehicle designed to showcase the brand's electric future. And it's stunning. Well, at least in the renderings the brand showed to the media. While Infiniti, Nissan, and even GAC showed off physical models of their electric concept cars, Cadillac decided a two-dimensional artist interpretation of their concept car would satisfy. It was lazy and disappointing (almost as much as the XT6) and it made the American luxury brand appear as though it lacked the resources and wherewithal to properly build and develop a concept vehicle in a timely manner. Sure, the Infiniti QX Inspiration concept struggled to get itself on stage, but at least the Japanese luxury brand took the time to create an actual concept car for both the media and the public to ogle at. Cadillac meanwhile, couldn't muster the means to get its concept off the drawing board.

Greg Fink, Associate Editor