If this is the future of Nissan design, then count me in. Although I'm not too crazy about the marketing gimmick of calling this an "elevated sports sedan" (it's a sedan, dammit, and my guess is that pretty soon every sedan will adopt "elevated" crossover-like looks. Which I guess means, we'll have to soon admit crossovers are just wagons – or "elevated wagons" in Nissan-speak.), I'm absolutely enthralled by its clean and simple styling. Every body line appears to serve some design purpose, and the design team did a fantastic job of creating a grille-less front end that doesn't appear devoid of character. If Nissan can make a production version of the IMs with 80 percent of the concept's charm and all of its electric powertrain's stated power and range (483 horsepower and 380 miles of range), then it will no doubt have a hit on their hands.

Greg Fink, Associate Editor