Maior montadora de veículos elétricos no mundo, a BYD quer expandir seus horizontes e se prepara para entrar de vez no mercado europeu. Nesta semana, a marca chinesa anunciou que o seu novo sedã elétrico BYD Han será lançado no Velho Continente para rivalizar com a Tesla e terá preços entre 45 mil e 55 mil euros. 

"Após uma avaliação completa dos mercados europeus, espera-se que o preço sugerido para o Han EV esteja entre 45.000 e 55.000 €, colocando-o firmemente no segmento de carros executivos premium.

Isso é mais caro do que se esperava, mas o Han é voltado para o mercado de sedãs de luxo e provavelmente será bem equipado. Além disso, os números de desempenho e autonomia são robustos: até 605 km pelo método NEDC (mais otimista) e 0-100 km/h em apenas 3,9 segundos.

Galeria: BYD Han

O BYD Han é o primeiro modelo da marca chinesa equipado com as novas baterias Blade Battery - células de lítio-ferro-fosfato (LFP), mais finas e com células de energia de 800 amperes. O sedã ainda se destaca pelo novo sistema de condução DiPilot com inteligência artificial para aprendizagem e tecnologia 5G.

Nenhum detalhe foi revelado sobre a versão híbrida do plug-in, portanto acreditamos que apenas os modelos BYD totalmente elétricos serão lançados na Europa.

BYD Han ( 汉) BEV o que esperar:

  • autonomia de até 605 km NEDC
  • Segundo relatos, duas opções de bateria: bateria de
    65 kWh para 506 km de autonomia (NEDC) 
    77 kWh para 605 km de autonomia (NEDC) com motor dianteiro e 550 km (NEDC) com tração integral
  • Blade Battery - células de lítio-ferro-fosfato (LFP) na versão (CTP)
  • 0-100 km/h em 3,9 segundos
  • duas opções de trem de força BEV:
    FWD (163 kW) 
    AWD (163 kW dianteiro + 200 kW traseiro)
  • Carregamento rápido DC de 30% a 80% em 25 minutos, 10 minutos de recarga para até 135 km de autonomia
  • coeficiente de arrasto de 0,233
  • Comprimento 4.980 mm, Largura 1.910 mm, Altura 1.495 mm, Distância entre eixos 2.920 mm

BYD Hanan ( 汉) PHEV o que esperar:

  • Motor a gasolina 2.0L de 190 cv (cerca de 140 kW) e motor elétrico de 244 cv (180 kW)
  • autonomia em modo totalmente elétrico de até 80 km
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BYD’s latest luxury saloon to be revealed in Europe with new ultra-safe Blade Battery and with executive specification to appeal to European markets

BYD has announced that the Han EV, the company’s pure electric flagship model aimed squarely at the premium luxury saloon market, will be revealed in Europe. The Han EV is the first full-electric passenger car equipped with BYD’s ground-breaking new ‘Blade Battery’ technology – delivering greatly enhanced safety, improved range capability and a simplified, smaller pack design.

Featuring bold design cues and with exceptional build quality throughout, the Han EV marries the automotive industry’s most advanced EV technologies with exceptional performance, refinement and supreme luxury. A high-performance silicon carbide motor-control propels the Han EV from zero to 100km/h (62mph) in a breathtaking 3.9 seconds. At the heart of the Han EV’s drive system is BYD’s new, ultra-safe and space-saving Blade Battery, offering a remarkable single-charge range of 605 kilometres (376 miles) based on the NEDC test cycle and setting new safety standards for EVs worldwide.

The Han EV will also feature ‘DiPilot’ – BYD’s new-to-market, self-learning, intelligent driving assistance system taking advantage of the latest 5G technology.

After thorough appraisal of the European markets, a projected MSRP for the Han EV is expected to be in the €45,000 to 55,000 range, placing it firmly in the premium-spec, executive car segment. The Han EV is scheduled to receive its introduction in China towards the end of June 2020.

While BYD has pursued the tradition of naming its passenger cars after Chinese dynasties, the Han EV has been conceived, designed and manufactured to the standards more in tune with Luxury European cars. The R&D team for the Han EV comprises a wealth of high-profile executives from legacy European manufacturers, including BYD’s Global Design Director, Wolfgang Egger, whose expertise in creating highly desirable cars for the European market is evident in BYD’s latest luxury saloon.

“The Han EV boasts cutting edge technology, benefiting from BYD’s more than ten years of experience in the research and development of EVs,” said Yubo Lian, Senior Vice President of BYD, President of BYD Auto Engineering Research Institute. “Its use of the ultra-safe Blade Battery, as well as BYD’s in-house pure electric platform, body structure design, eco-friendly materials and safety systems make the Han EV the safest electric car currently on the market. We believe that the Han EV combines the best of Eastern wisdom and Western aesthetics,” he said, “and will fulfil the growing overseas market for a high performance, long-range and ultra-safe electric car. In the longer term, we are also looking forward to seeing the Han EV making a positive impact in other markets around the world.”

The Han EV is equipped with BYD’s new, industry-leading Blade Battery and its soon-to-be-released ‘DiPilot’ intelligent driving assistance system. The BYD Blade Battery, which was unveiled to the world in late March this year, is ultra-safe with a long operational life and exceptional range. The Blade Battery provides the Han EV with greatly improved battery safety over EVs using traditional ternary lithium-ion battery packs, thanks to the combined advantages of BYD’s own pure electric platform plus the intelligent energy consumption, feedback and temperature control systems. The innovative battery system also pushes its cruising range up to 605 kilometres (376 miles) on a full charge.

DiPilot is an advanced intelligent driving assistance system featuring self-learning and self-evolution abilities. The hardware configuration and 5G technology combine to make the Han EV BYD’s most intelligent and interconnected driving experience to date.

The Han EV adopts BYD’s new ‘EV Dragon Face’ design language, blending elements of a traditional Chinese Dragon with strikingly modern European design cues. The curved front-end and day-time running lights evoke the shape of a traditional Chinese dragon’s face, combing style and functionality. The high waistline evident along the length of the vehicle integrates seamlessly with the sweeping back line of the D-pillar to deliver a strong sense of movement. A tapered rear lighting cluster envelopes the entire width of the car emphasizing a dynamic attitude.

The Blade Battery can produce a stable current of up to 800 Amps powering the BYD Han EV. The high-performance silicon carbide motor-control module improves the peak-current capacity by 58%, enabling acceleration from 0 to100km/h (62mph) in just 3.9 seconds. Additionally, the Han is also China’s first mass-produced EV equipped with Bosch's ‘IPB Intelligent Integrated Brake System’, which not only brings braking safety with higher precision, but also delivers a longer range and improved braking comfort.